Hissing Cockroaches and Kinetic Contraptions

or "If this is Thanksgiving, it must be Bloomington"

The highlight of our Thanksgiving trip to Bloomington was a trip to the new WonderLab. The thrills included madagascar hissing cockroaches:

Can you hear them hissing at Evan's purple sock?

And kinetic contraptions:

Brian at the helm

Dave left his mark:

Dave's evil self portrait on the the pin impression thingy.

We've been eating well - tonight my brother Chris made us a slow-smoked pork loin with Kate's great BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and french fries.

I paid my annual visit to Yarns Unlimited, a lovely store owned by talented weaver and certified nice person Suzanne Halverson. I bought something but can't show you because it is a suprise for one of my regular readers (hey! might be you!)


Killer Llama

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The random photo of the Killer Llama sign in the post a week or so back - there have been many questions about that. That sign is on my son's dorm room door.

So maybe I can forgive him for giving me the TB cough.

I started a purple sock for Evan three times last night. Apparently I can't divide by 4. I'll be back later this weekend with more photos. It's off to the yarn store now. One of my favorite people is starting to work there today. It is a nice place to hang out - a little wooly oasis - when the rest of the town is going freaking nuts on a football Saturday.


Lynne needs....

I don't do many memes, but this one is strangely appealing. Plus it is easier than uploading photos. Google on "{your name} needs" and check out the results. These speak to me:

  • Lynne needs a kiss before heading home.
  • Lynne needs to stop with the excuses.
  • Lynne needs lots of sex!!
  • Lynne needs anyone to defend her.
  • Lynne Needs Our Help to Stay Alive.
  • Lynne needs to get comments back.
  • Lynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophrenia.
  • Lynne needs a toothpick.
  • Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single.
  • Lynne needs three helpers.
  • Lynne needs his own blog.
  • Lynne needs an operation.
  • Lynne needs rides to Topeka.
  • Lynne needs a good spanking, preferably with a paddle or a hard flip flip.
  • Lynne needs a bunkmate.
  • Lynne needs people like you.
  • Lynne needs to reappear soon.
  • Lynne needs to hurry up and finish her layout so that I can properly drool over it.
  • Lynne needs to code when she gets better at coding.
  • Lynne needs to know the truth so she can stop being such a bitch.
  • Lynne needs to call NBC and pick up her check.
  • Lynne needs to save his bacon again.
  • Lynne needs to have a talk with Britney.
  • Lynne needs the car to get to the midwife on Thursday.
  • Lynne needs to be kept away from hotel keys.
  • Lynne needs a drummer.
  • Lynne needs to hear the compliments she deserves and does not receive.
  • Lynne needs to keep out of Britney's business.
And my personal favorite:

LYNNE needs to put some weight on, she has gotten way too thin in the past few years.

xoxox Freddy


Postcards from Freddy

I'm alive. To bring you up to date, here's what's been happening in my world.
Dave likes his socks:

I went to the Michigan fiber fest and bought some stuff:

Geoffrey started college:

I went to Chicago, saw my kid and some great buildings, but didn't visit any yarn stores:

I almost had myself committed while I was there.

Brian started Kindergarten; Evan started preschool. They were frogs for Halloween.

I have a new wheel. I love it.

I am knitting something pink, for a crazy rich friend who wants to PAY me:

My ankle is fine, but I have a body-wracking cough which renders me incontinent.

I went to Portland, got some training and saw some waterfalls, but didn't visit any yarn stores.

I quit my $60 an hour consulting job to free up more time for grading mind-numbing freshman comp papers, for what amounts to minimum wage.

I've decided this is my last semester of teaching, ever. The great 3 year long professional experiment is so over.
I went to Stratford, saw a couple plays, but didn't visit any yarn stores.

I will try to get back on the blogging wagon, as I have been informed that I am a "gateway blog." Not sure what that means, but if it is anything like a gateway drug, I am all for it.
It finally fits!
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