Postcards from Freddy

I'm alive. To bring you up to date, here's what's been happening in my world.
Dave likes his socks:

I went to the Michigan fiber fest and bought some stuff:

Geoffrey started college:

I went to Chicago, saw my kid and some great buildings, but didn't visit any yarn stores:

I almost had myself committed while I was there.

Brian started Kindergarten; Evan started preschool. They were frogs for Halloween.

I have a new wheel. I love it.

I am knitting something pink, for a crazy rich friend who wants to PAY me:

My ankle is fine, but I have a body-wracking cough which renders me incontinent.

I went to Portland, got some training and saw some waterfalls, but didn't visit any yarn stores.

I quit my $60 an hour consulting job to free up more time for grading mind-numbing freshman comp papers, for what amounts to minimum wage.

I've decided this is my last semester of teaching, ever. The great 3 year long professional experiment is so over.
I went to Stratford, saw a couple plays, but didn't visit any yarn stores.

I will try to get back on the blogging wagon, as I have been informed that I am a "gateway blog." Not sure what that means, but if it is anything like a gateway drug, I am all for it.
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