Restraining Order

I will have to file a restraining order against my blogstalker. She is relentlessly hounding me to post photos from SOAR. I didn't take any good photos. But I do feel the love.

It has been nine months since my last post, though, so I could do some backwards blogging to tell you about weaving, the Czech republic, the departure of a dear friend, another baby sweater, the indignity of being a public servant, the joys of drum carding, the hazards of wool combing, and the thrill of buffalo fiber.

Downloading photos just seems like too much work right now.

Maybe if Carla begs me just a little bit more....
American Beauty
weaving class
yarn fairies
Coveting the scarves of friends
someone stop them!
...for destruction ice
Summer on the farm
The slow trip home
There's no place like home
I've been violated!
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