objet d'art or bucket of ass?

You decide:

Evan plans to use it for his cossack costume, come Halloween:

That's pretty much all I have to show for myself this week. I do have famous friends, though. Here's Jillian at her first Big Girl Knits book signing at Nicolas Books. I can say I knew her when.

Hey! My strangely furry object matches her tshirt! Coincidence?


Words used to mean things...

Just finished up two days of a mind-numbing ITIL certification course. I have just been virtually lobotomized, in the name of IT process improvement.

No knitting allowed in class, but I got in some good fiber therapy last night, when 9 fiber artists descended on Chez Freddy, each more talented than I. Or me. Um, they knit and spin better than I do. See what I mean about the lobotomy?

Anyway, here's proof. Patti knit this:

Dianne spun all the yarn for this (some colors on spindles!), AND knit it:

I leave you now with some tranquil underwater images from our trip to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla last month:


The finger fairy

Brian has a new smile:

The first morning that Brian discovered a shiny Sacajawea dollar under his pillow, Evan decided he wanted a piece of the action. When I went to get him out of his crib, he was wiggling his finger and muttering. I asked him what was wrong, to which he replied "I have a loose finger."

Since then he has had several other loose body parts, most notably a loose nose. Apparently along came a blackbird and snipped it off. We need to cut back on the Mother Goose, clearly.

OK OK, enough cute kid stories. Obligatory knitting content - my latest socks:

I'm not going to even try to explain where I have been for the last two months, aside from San Diego and Chicago and good old Ann Arbor. I haven't fallen off the face off the earth, really. Just been very, very busy. Work has been insane, but tolerable, and I have lost 27 pounds. Our tiny yard is starting to bloom - daffodils, tulips, a crabapple, rhododendron. I continue to knit, slowly.

More later. Thanks to Janice/Rabbitch for the kick in the arse that got me blogging this morning.
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