American Beauty

After a year of bitching and moaning, I have finally completed the American Beauty capelet. Here it is, modeled by my niece Caitlin:

Back view:

This is the first and only commissioned work I have ever, and will ever, knit. It took me over a year to complete, in large part because every time I picked it up to knit, I was overcome by an overwhelming urge to hurl. I am not sure if it was because of the putrid color or because it wasn't socks. At any rate, from now on I only knit what I want, for the people I want to knit for.

BTW, the fringe is going away.


weaving class

I went to Forma last night for my third weaving class. The first two classes were all about warping the loom. Last night I actually started weaving!

I know, there's a ladder on the left side. I skipped a slot in the reed (not sure if those are the right terms) while warping.
It finally fits!
another baby sweater...
Not trafficking in baby animals, really
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American Beauty
weaving class
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