Techno Holster - free crochet pattern

Announcing another freddyknits pattern. I originally submitted this pattern to a certain feminist pop-culture publishing mogul, for her upcoming book. Be glad it was rejected, because now I can share it with you, free!

Model - my hottie neighbor, Stella

This is a brain-dead pattern for learning single crochet, crochet in the round, and button holes. I am a beginning crocheter, and I made mine in about an hour. The model fits my phone, but you can easily modify the design for other phones, ipods or PDAs. Or beg me to - I respond well to bribes. You could also add a flap over the top for more security if you would like.

The holster is designed to hook through a belt loop, over a belt, or around a purse or backpack strap.

Techno Holster

- Partial ball Berroco Suede, color Belle Star (hot pink)
- one button
- size G crochet hook

Doesn't really matter.

For the bottom:
Chain 6 and join in a circle.
Round 1: sc 10, passing hook through the center of the circle vs. through the chain.
Round 2: sc 2 into each stitch, for a total of 20 stitches in the round.
Rounds 3 - 13: sc 1 into each stitch. Secure last stitch and cut yarn, leaving a longish length for sewing on the strap.

For the strap:
Leaving a long tail for sewing up, chain 22
Row 1: Turn and sc across.
Row 2 (buttonhole row): Turn and sc 17. Chain 2. Skipping the next two stitches, sc the last 3 stitches.
Rows 3 & 4: Turn and sc across. Cut yarn, leaving enough to weave in the end.

Sew strap to top edge of holster. I used both the tail from the strap and the body of the holster, for extra security, since this will be holding technology. Sew button on the other side of the bag, very securely. You could sew a tiny button behind the button to make it more secure.

Wearing, and options
Hook around your belt loop or belt, or button to your purse strap or backpack. If desired, crochet a little flap on the top to make more secure. A holster made from one of the more leatherlike colors (tan or brown) might be cool, especially with some fringe, or maybe even a horsie or cowboy boot button.

Crocheted Techno Holster

Copyright 2005, Lynne Frederickson Rago
Do not duplicate or distribute.
Items made from this pattern may not be sold.
You may print one copy for your personal use.
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