It finally fits!

A former colleague recently sent me this photo of her daughter wearing a sweater I made for her last winter. Isn't she sweet?

I'm working on another baby sweater now - I started yesterday and have to be done by Wednesday - not sure if I will make it. I don't think I have finished a single knitting project this past year. I did start socks, a scarf, baby booties, another sweater... But this time I have a deadline so I am motivated!

The new job has been taking lots of mindshare and energy, so there hasn't been much spinning or weaving either - at least no finished projects. I have taken a few satisfying weaving classes -color and transparency with Lois Bryant, painted warps with Sarah Saulson, and doubleweave at Forma. I also finally took a class at Spinning Loft, drumcarding lovely batts with the always fascinating Abby Franquemont. Very inspiring, but my drumcarder still sits there collecting dust....

Guess I haven't blogged in awhile, either. I'm still here, just a bit distracted.


It finally fits!
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