yarn fairies

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I discovered on my back porch a ratty bag from a now-defunct Ann Arbor yarn store, full of unloved, tangled half-balls of Wintuk and Red Heart. Buried beneath the acrylic was some greasy, dirty skeins of rustic wool. Simultaneously intrigued and disgusted I tossed the acrylic and left the wool on the screen porch. If ever wool had moths, it would be these smelly, scratchy skeins. By the next day I had forgotten them.

The next week my neighbor Don had a heart attack.

A few weeks later my neighbor's wife came over with a plastic basket loaded with more greasy yarn (see exhibit A). At home taking care of her husband (doing great now, thank god), she was channeling all her nervous energy into cleaning and organizing her house. Out with the 20 year old yarn from a farm in Ontario.

So now I had yarn with a story, from a personI cared about. I couldn't just let it live on the back porch all winter. There was a pattern for a large man's fair isle sweater, and part of a sleeve done in brown and gray. I just couldn't bring myself to make a mammoth scratchy sweater.

So what to do with it? I dyed some and made a scarf for Don. I hope this will help him to stay warm on his morning walks around the neighborhood. Michigan has been having record cold temperatures this past week.

But there's lots left over. I am not sure I want to make 5 more scarves. Ideas?
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