Lynne needs....

I don't do many memes, but this one is strangely appealing. Plus it is easier than uploading photos. Google on "{your name} needs" and check out the results. These speak to me:

  • Lynne needs a kiss before heading home.
  • Lynne needs to stop with the excuses.
  • Lynne needs lots of sex!!
  • Lynne needs anyone to defend her.
  • Lynne Needs Our Help to Stay Alive.
  • Lynne needs to get comments back.
  • Lynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophrenia.
  • Lynne needs a toothpick.
  • Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single.
  • Lynne needs three helpers.
  • Lynne needs his own blog.
  • Lynne needs an operation.
  • Lynne needs rides to Topeka.
  • Lynne needs a good spanking, preferably with a paddle or a hard flip flip.
  • Lynne needs a bunkmate.
  • Lynne needs people like you.
  • Lynne needs to reappear soon.
  • Lynne needs to hurry up and finish her layout so that I can properly drool over it.
  • Lynne needs to code when she gets better at coding.
  • Lynne needs to know the truth so she can stop being such a bitch.
  • Lynne needs to call NBC and pick up her check.
  • Lynne needs to save his bacon again.
  • Lynne needs to have a talk with Britney.
  • Lynne needs the car to get to the midwife on Thursday.
  • Lynne needs to be kept away from hotel keys.
  • Lynne needs a drummer.
  • Lynne needs to hear the compliments she deserves and does not receive.
  • Lynne needs to keep out of Britney's business.
And my personal favorite:

LYNNE needs to put some weight on, she has gotten way too thin in the past few years.

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