another baby sweater...

I made this last fall for a co-worker's baby - it finally fits!

There is much I should have blogged about these last two weeks of blissful unemployment. Why does it seem like so much work to download photos? I want to tell you all about my rug weaving workshop with Jason Collingwood, some amazing quilts (here is someone else's photostream), my tramatic dental experience, the newly restored Jacquard loom at Greenfield Village, my field trip with Jillian and Amy to Beth's store, teaching preschoolers to weave....
Tomorrow it is back to the real world, with a new job at a new company. Wish me luck!
Not trafficking in baby animals, really
Some days are like that
Restraining Order
American Beauty
weaving class
yarn fairies
Coveting the scarves of friends
someone stop them!
...for destruction ice
My Local Yarn Store
Crack for Knitters