The day I dyed

Over the break Anne and I played with dye and yarn in her basement. I used mostly food-grade dyes, and Anne used acid dyes. Here's some photodocumentation of our dying day. First, the results:

The Lopi on the left was supposed to be blue and green. For some reason the green came out brown.

The ruddy mess on the right was supposed to be copper and burgundy, with small flecks of green and pink. It looks mostly pink to me.

The motivation for the day was the purple and green skein on the bottom. It is a 10 yard skein, space dyed in four quadrants, with the goal of self-striping sock yarn. Here it is fresh out of the microwave, still cozy in saran wrap:

The repeat is supposed to be purple, green, purple, blue, but the blue came out so close to the purple that I am afraid the socks will end up purple with a strange occasional green stripe. Initially this green also came out an icky brown, so I had to resort to some serious crock pot action:

This last shot is of the steaming hot pile of wool, splatter-painted ala Pollock. In the photo above it looks rather blotchy but after reskeining I was pretty happy with all these colors together.

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