The last couple weeks of my new job have been fine - so far my job involves attending endless meetings, nodding, and smiling. At some point I am sure it will become challenging, but at the moment, it is a bit brain-numbing.

I have scheduled a small nervous breakdown for later in the month, when the new semester kicks off and I don't have my course materials ready. Here's hoping that the interminable meetings will continue at the real job so that I can get through the days, nodding and smiling, for a few more weeks.

So if the blog entries are a bit thin for the next few weeks, you'll know why and send me chocolate.

There is exciting stuff going on - I get to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival tomorrow, I found an eggplant that looks like a penguin, and I think I may have just bought a new spinning wheel from a drama professor in Milwaukee. More on those stories as they develop.

In the meantime, here's my latest pair of socks, finished last night:

Posting photos is easier tonight than putting words together in coherent sentences, so here's some merino sock yarn I spun awhile back from a small roving Kim gifted me with:

And here's Brian bonding with sheep at the Michigan State Fair yesterday:

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