"Nothing horrible has happened....yet"

Famous last words.

That was a hint. Here's another - I can knit, but I can't spin. At least not on a double-treadle wheel, like my new, lovely Lendrum. Because I sprained my @#^&@*! ankle!

On Monday I was a good girl. I even went to a training class for my real job on what was supposed to be my day off. I was also feeling clever because I figured out, all by myself, that the inbound bus stop would be ACROSS THE STREET from the outbound bus stop. In my smugness, I stumbled getting on the bus, twisting my ankle, doing a faceplant on the rubber, and flinging my computer backpack across the floor of the bus.

I was more humiliated than anything else, so while the bus driver kept repeating "We really need to file a report" I focused my energies on getting up into a seat and not making eye contact with the other passengers.

Entirely ambulatory for several hours, I walked several blocks to my car, threw food at my family, and headed out to a spinning circle (where, by the way, the ladies informed me that my wheel is a special, limited edition, walnut 25th anniversary Lendrum bound to become a collector's item - lucky me).

While spinning my ankle started to hurt. Just a little. I took drugs. It hurt a bit more. I put it on ice and tried spinning with one foot. It wasn't fun anymore so I decided to go. Getting up to leave, I discovered I couldn't walk. Not at all. I was a total invalid. I had to crawl to the car (fortunately Anne was driving). I had to crawl up the stairs and into bed.

Dave got me some crutches, but that was a disaster - the next morning I reached for them, lifted myself out of bed, and fell spectacularly, hitting my naked arse on a very sharp corner of the hopeless chest. I now sport a triangular indentation in my left cheek (sorry, no photos).

The good news is I made some good progress on a heavy wool hiking sock for Dave while waiting for xRays. The bad news is my campus building, where I work on the second floor three days per week, HAS NO ELEVATOR. The good news is my ankle is feeling much better today, thank you. The bad news is that I have to teach my first American Lit class tonight, and go to 3 different campus buildings to prepare materials. The good news is I scammed a temporary handicap parking permit so I don't have to park a mile away when I go up to the community college tonight. The bad news is that handicap parking permit does me no good at UM (where I really work), since the peon lot (for the people who don't want to spend $600/year for a sticker) is 1/2 mile from my building. The good news is that Nancy will chauffer me around tomorrow. I think I should be able to manage the stairs by then.

Nervous breakdown still postponed. But stay tuned. I promise to post photos of the wheel, the sock, and some lovely things I picked up at Allegan. Soon. But first I must collect the shards of my wretched life and prepare for this class tonight.
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