Self-medicating with fiber

This has been a rough week - the highs have been high, but the lows, well, you don't want to know. Time for some fiber therapy.

This is what I've been spinning up the last few days:




This is from a mystery roving I picked up at the Michigan Fiber Fest. It is wool, with at least some mohair and silk. I am not sure what stall I picked it up from - either Homestead Sheep & Fiber, Goat Hill Farm, or Five Sisters Dry Goods. Anyone recognize it?

I've been practicing my long draw technique, in hopes that this yarn will be a bit more woolen and lofty. These fibers are especially long-staple and soft, so it has practically been spinning itself.

This particular skein is going to Nancy, for a sampler afghan she is making for Nate. I sorta want to keep it.

Here's another skein headed for Nancy, for an undetermined project. I haven't set the twist yet, and I've got quite a bit more to spin. It is from this merino and silk roving hand-dyed by Tracy Bunkers, aka Bonkers. I got it at the Michigan Fiber Fest, as a thank-you for hauling my Lendrum back from Milwaukee. It was especially selected for its sunny gaudiness. It makes me happy.

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