ho, hum

It's the SUPERBOWL! In Detroit!!!


I should be more excited, I know. Not only is it practically happening in my back yard, but the Seahawks are playing. I spent my teenage years in Washington State, and even worked for the Seahawks for a couple of summers, since their training camp was in my hometown.

But really, double-dog yawn. I just don't get football. I confess I was a high school football cheerleader for one shameful year. I didn't grok what was happening on the field so I cleverly took my cues from the crowd and the other cheerleaders, shaking my pom-poms and yelling insipid chants like "Hold that line!" and "First in 10, do it again!" (what does that mean, anyway?), and almost never cheered at the wrong time. I was sure my secret was safe, until tryouts for the following year. I was the first girl in the history of Cheney High to not make it back on the squad the second season. Oh the shame!

But I'm not bitter.

Anyway, back to Super Bowl XL. Even Dave, who rarely watches sports on TV (an admirable trait in a husband) is watching.

There will be much spinnage of fiber this evening.

Go Hawks!
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