Fat Singles

No, this is not about some lonely hearts club for unattached chubbyfolk, so hold back on your derisive comments. This is about spinning. Duh.

I now present to you something completely different - Fat Singles!

My favorite sort of basic commercial yarn is a substantial single with an intense color and a slow twist, ala Lamb's Pride (or if I'm feeling flush, Manos del Uruguay. ) I want to be able to make my own. I've gotten pretty comfortable spinning skinny yarn and plying. Though I think my plies could be tighter, I think I'm doing OK.

If you are a spinner, though, you know that spinning a fatter yarn that can stand alone as a single is a bit tricky. First you have to take special care to predraft to approximately the thickness you want. Then you have to treadle soooo sloooowly, all the while resisting the urge to draft further while you spin. Urge-resisting - always a problem in my world.

Anyway, I am tickled pink (and magenta, and red) with my first effort - it didn't hurt that I had an amazingly colorific Corriedale batt (or is it a rolag?) from Grafton Fibers.

So maybe there is something to that delayed gratification thing.
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