Fleece Fair

Yesterday was the Spinner's Flock Fleece Fair in Chelsea. Here's my haul:

On the left is some wool with cotton and silk slubs from Jane Purcell. On the right is merino and tussah silk from Sandy Griggs. Not sure what these will be, but I am thinking about Mother's Day.

I also picked up another ball of the green stuff so that I can complete my Olympic project. Here's a photo from this morning:

Anne came over to knit this afternoon, so I've completed a couple more repeats since this photo was taken. Still, I am a bit behind schedule to finish in time for the closing ceremonies.

Back to the fleece fair - I dragged Nancy along with me yesterday. She's not even a spinner (yet), but she bought some rovings anyway. It's just a matter of time. She will be assimilated.

Speaking of Nancy, Friday was her birthday. We went to Casey's, where a miracle occurred. I captured it on film:

Yes, that's the image of St. Seraphina in ketchup on her hamburger bun. It's an omen.
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