because really, it's all about me

Kate tagged me for a meme, and since I have no knitting or spinning adventures to report, I am happy to oblige. Just for fun I am answering each question with four correct answers and one lie. I'll come up with some sort of prize for the first commentor who guesses all my lies.

4 jobs I've had (plus one lie):
- College English instructor
- Actress
- Mousketeer
- Software quality assurance engineer
- Aerobics instructor

4 movies I can watch over and over (plus one lie):
(This is difficult - I don't tend to watch movies multiple times.)
- Bandwagon
- West Side Story
- Singin' in the Rain
- The Sound of Music
- Breakin' 2, Electric Boogaloo

4 TV shows I love to watch (plus one lie):
(Again, not too TV-centric, so these are a stretch.)
- XFiles
- Monk
- Friends
- Lost
- Anything on TCM

4 places I have lived (plus one lie):
- London, between Notting Hill Gate and Queensway
- Cripple Creek, Colorado
- Provo, Utah
- Detroit, Michigan
- Cheney, Washington

4 places I have been on holiday (plus one lie):
- Santorini
- Alta, Utah
- Disneyworld
- North Wales
- Isla Mujeres

4 of my favorite dishes (plus one lie):
- Caprese salad with tomatos and basil from my garden
- Macaroni and cheese made by Nancy
- Sushi
- Big Mac
- Tamales

4 websites I visit daily (plus one lie):
- Google
- Bloglines
- New York Times
- University of Michigan Jobs
- Elann

4 places I would rather be right now (plus one lie):
- New York City
- Somewhere warm
- Somewhere mountainous
- A cozy cafe, reading, knitting, or chatting with friends
- Disneyworld

4 bloggers I am tagging (plus one non-blogger):
- Erin and/or Carma
- Kim
- Lauren
- Jillian
- Nancy (required to either start a blog or answer via comments)
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