Grits Redux

Evan ordered this for breakfast the other morning:

Purple grits - it's what's for breakfast

I have a sinking feeling this is the beginning of a family tradition.

Continuing the purple theme, I finished this today:

Yes, a single sock. I would start the second sock, but I can't for the life of me find the second skein of yarn. Argh. Maybe the fairies took it? I sent Evan downtown to investigate. Is it here?

Evan waited patiently, but no fairies emerged bearing yarn.

But Evan is not one to give up easily. After searching high and low (mostly low), Evan found another tiny door, this one surrounded by giggling little girls. We watched and waited, but again, no fairies.

So, what to think? Are the fairies on vacation? Are they invisible? Are there doors we have overlooked?

Waaaa. I want my yarn.

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