I found my thrills....

On Blueberry Hill...

Still life with Michigan blueberries and sock

Oh, to be unemployed in Michigan in the summertime. The days are just packed. Blueberry picking, knitting, spinning, swimming, rinse, repeat.

But the blissfully carefree days of summer will end for me too, too soon. Yesterday I accepted a job, (a real one, with benefits) at my alma mater. I start August 8. I am excited, but also little sad. Dave and I agreed that whoever got a job first would be it, and I won. Or did I?

But back to the subject at hand - knitting. Note I have started another pair of socks, in a blueberry colorway to honor the season. I know, there are other more urgent knitting projects I should be working down, but my gentle readers (that would be you!) didn't seem to care what I worked on next, so I picked my own project. Besides, I was having something of a sock emergency. Dave inadvertently felted the striped socks, so I had to give mom the fair isle socks, even though everyone agreed I should keep those. So I needed to replace the blue ones, see? I knew you would understand.

To carry the blueberry theme a bit further, here's my latest handspun:

Blueberry handspun, mystery wool

I only have about 200 yards. What should I make?
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