Non-verbal communication

OK, Evan actually has pretty advanced language skills for a two-year-old. But I think he is at a loss for words here, and communicating the only way he knows how.

Another pose, slightly more threatening:

What do you think he is trying to tell me about my spinning habit? Leave me a comment with a photo caption suggestion, and I'll send you a pair of these:

Little beaded goodies

I've gone a bit crazy making these stitch holders. My friend Sue from my old yarn store job just opened a bead store with her daughter - Stony Creek Bead and Gallery in Ypsilanti (no website yet that I can find). If you are into beading and live in SE Michigan, you should go. Hell, even if you aren't into beading and live in Ohio or the UP or the midwest, for that matter, you should go, but beware - the allure of the small lovely bits of shimmery beauty will suck you in and you will never be the same.
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