I've got happy feet

I'm dancing a celebratory jig in honor of my first pair of adult-sized, non-felted socks:

Happy Feet!

Pattern: Adult Basic Socks, Ann Norling #12
Yarn: Elann Sock it to Me! Harlequin, Blue Stonewash

I will be wearing these to work tomorrow, with Birkenstocks AND capri pants, to make sure people notice.

I'm also quite proud of my niddy noddy, fashioned from PVC pipe and t-connectors for less than $3.oo. It is not lovely, like Theresa's, but then we didn't all get to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool and bring back a haul of fibery treasures. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Behold the poor woman's niddy noddy in action. And it folds flat for easy storage!

5 pieces of PVC pipe and two t-connectors

I will be enhancing my niddy noddy soon by hacking the pegs a bit shorter and adding PVC end-caps. And maybe a Danish oil finish.

The yarn on that there niddy noddy is the first offspring of my spindle. Again, no comparisons with Theresa's spindling, please:

My first spindled skein - unintentionally Christmassy

I had more to blather on about, but I just saw this guy on the TV, getting six metal bolts implanting in his forehead for screwing in whiskers. I can't think straight or even type. It's time for bed.
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