On the road

Just a quick blog entry from Asheville, NC so you know I haven't forgotten you. There will be no photos just yet, but I'll add some eventually.

Asheville is lovely - cool mountain air, misty views, great architecture, and to my sons' delight, a TUNNEL in the middle of town. I checked out Earth Guild and even tried out a couple wheels (A Schacht and a Louet) while the boys explored The Chocolate Fetish. I also checked out Yarn Paradise while Evan took a nap in the car. Afterward we visited the Western North Carolina Nature Center (baby red wolf pups! otters! black bears!) and met up with friends and former Ann Arborites Jen, Rich, and their two girls. Although I am very happy for them, I must admit I am a tad jealous over the seemingly idyllic life they have carved out for themselves at the base of Beacatcher Mountain.

En route to here we visited horsey Aiken, SC to see my good friend Machelle. Before that it was Charleston, SC where we ate great fish and saw lovely antebellum homes.

Our new favorite food is shrimp and grits - we had it three times in about three days. Jen is going to send me a recipe for the version she served at her wedding. I'll try it out back in Ann Arbor and then share it here, with Jen's permission, of course.

Tomorrow we will mosey on up the Blue Ridge Parkway, but first, a stop at a llama farm near Mars Hill. It was a bit of a hard sell, but when I found out that the segment of the parkway just north of Asheville was closed due to flood damage, and that we'd need to detour anyway, I knew it was a done deal.

Back soon, with photos, I hope. Knit on.
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