I am still a functional human being

Just to prove that if nothing else, my obsessions are still intact, here's another pair of completed socks for you.

Super soft socks, Knitpicks Sock Landscape

My mother is visiting for His Slothfulnesses graduation tomorrow (can you believe she is sleeping in his room? Horrors!), and in my foolishness I offered her a pair of socks. She may either have these or the last pair I made. She refuses to pick ("loves them both"), so now I have a Sophie's Choice to make. OK, bad analogy. My mothers feet are hardly a concentration camp. But I think you get the idea. Anyway, which of my lovelies am I willing to part with? It doesn't seem to bother her in the least that both pair have been on my stinky feet. Help me out here!

I've also been spinning, this time with Kings Ransom from Yarns Unlimited in Bloomington. 80% Coopworth, 20% silk, spins like a dream. I want more.

King's Ransom singles

Kings Ransom, all plied and sitting pretty

Next post I will share a poem with you that Suzanne shared with me at Yarns Unlimited while I was spinning. You have to love a shop owner that reads you poetry while you spin. Anyway, the poem is most excellent and deserves its own special post, so stand by. Just a little teaser.

I am now off to Spinner's Flock in Chelsea to return my rental wheel AND the lovely wheel I was trying out but have decided I can't afford at the moment. Violin music, please. I am hoping to return from the Flock with another $10 rental. Wish me luck.
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