Potty talk

We've been having issues with potty talk lately. It started innocently enough, with silly giggle fits involving poo-poo and pee-pee. Then Evan (2) learned he could get my goat by chanting "penis" incessantly. We decided to crack down - no potty talk unless you are actually in the potty.

So the kids got creative. Suddenly they were obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, and asking lots of questions about what comes on a poo-poo platter. They never get tired anymore, just pooped. And the other day in the car Brian (4) asked: "Mommy, what's "european?" Bewildered, I explained that it was someone or something from Europe. A few moments later I heard both boys whispering and giggling "You're a-peein'! You're a-peein'!"

Some parent deal with these situations in a mature way, or at least have the common sense to wash their kids' mouths out with soap. Not us.

Brian enjoying his poo-poo platter

So do we win the immature parents of the year award?

In other news, I finished my summer socks, in spite of the broken needle incident. I took Denise and Kim's advice and switched to metal Inox needles. Putting my needle snobbery aside, I must admit that for $3.75, these are the right answer for summer sock knitting. The cool smooth metal doesn't absorb moisture from my sweaty hands, and they are nice and slippery for the somewhat grippy cotton blend sock yarn I am knitting with. I do occasionally wince at the painful fingernails-on-a-chalkboard sensation, but that's a minor price to pay for these, don't you agree?

Summer socks, 1 skein of Knitpicks Dancing

I got a pair out of one 50 gm. ball. That's a pair of socks for $2.99! Now I am left with another ball. If anyone wants to trade me for a different ball of sock yarn, just leave me a comment.

After three pairs in the last couple months, I might have gotten this mania out of my system, at least for awhile. I really should turn my attention to some must-do projects. What will it be? Finishing the overdue baby sweater (it is the sweater that is overdue - the baby is 5 months old)? Knitting the overdue graduation sweater for Geoffrey? O wise and faithful readers, please advise.
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