Potty Party!

My friend Kate had the brilliant idea to host a potty party in her back yard. The participants:

Potty Party!

Though it wasn't intended to be a competitive event, the girls beat the boys, hands down. Team Fiona and Gemma scored at least five pee-pees in the potty. (Fiona also went through five pairs of princess underpants, but who's counting?) She's highly motivated by M&Ms. Nicholas and Evan didn't manage any pee-pee in the potty, but Evan did pee standing next to his potty. Not a shabby performance, I say.

As you can see, Fiona and Evan found this all especially amusing:

As for obligatory knitting content, head on over to the knitin-aa group blog to see Alecia taking a bite out of a delicious knitted confection. Also, I continue to spin. Are you getting tired of these shots yet?

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