Fat Bitchers?

Whoever got to my blog by googling on "fat bitchers" - did you find what you were looking for? If not let me know and I will try to oblige. Shouldn't be too hard.

No knitting today. Maybe tomorrow if things are slow at the yarn store. Should I start new socks with Sock Landscape or Dancing? (Thanks, Kate!) Finish the overdue sweater for the baby that was born several months ago? Cast on for Geoffrey's graduation present sweater, even though he will probably lose it like he lost the hat and scarf I made him last fall? I am feeling ambivalent about my next project. Advise me. What do you want to see photos of next?

Yes, feeling ambivalent. And inexplicably weepy. We're watching Fiddler on the Roof, and I can only barely hold back the tears. The sad stuff hasn't even started happening yet. WTF?

People want to give me things today, though. That should cheer me up, right? Janice wants to send me a roving (note to self - look for the rest of that green cotton). Better yet, Emilie, a shepherdess/Bed & Breakfast hostess (where can I apply for that job?) wants to give me a stinky fleece. (OK, I asked for it.) Nothing gives me more joy than the thought of hours spent washing hay, crap, and sheep pee out of a muddy pile of stinking wool. I can hardly wait!
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