Bad blogger, no biscuit

I have been a wretched blogger lately - too much work, too much fun spinning (three plied skeins so far!) Now I am off to Bloomington, Indiana to visit my brother's family for Memorial Day weekend. Last time I was there I taught my nephews how to knit. That was a bit frustrating for them, but they really warmed up to finger knitting. Maybe I will teach them to drop spindle this time - hee hee!

I'm planning to knit in the car and visit Yarns Unlimited to try out some wheels.

When I put new batteries in my camera I will upload some photos from last Tuesday's Knit-In - great fun! Emily and Denise gave me some dishclothes to send off to Project Scrubbie, and Jennie has finished a bunch, too. Theirs are fancy, with stitch patterns. Mine are lame garter stitch squares. Ergh.

Update, 5/29 - finally, a photo!

Project Scrubbie dishcloths made by Denise and Emily.
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