The digital Vermeer project

I haven't blogged in an entire week. Fibery things have been happening, but blogging about them has taken a back seat to a Major Life Event, a negative one, that occurred in my family this week. With all that has been going on I just haven't had the emotional wherewithal to blog, for fear that I would dump all my woes and angst on unsuspecting strangers out there in the blogosphere and immediately regret it.

To cheer myself up, I instead share with you some photos I took at Greenfield Village earlier this week.

Plying on the Great Wheel, Daggett Farmhouse

Basket with Plant-dyed Homespun, Daggett Farmhouse

I have never been much of a photographer, and my digital camera has me especially mystified. But the lighting and overall effect of these photos pleases me, and reminds me of Vermeer paintings.

These next two photos are of old machinery. Not quite as lovely, but equally fascinating, and also fiber-related:

Old Wool Carding Machine, Gunsolly Carding Mill

Unwinding Silk Cocoons, Hanks Silk Mill

A former colleague, Bill Hope, was giving the demonstration at the Silk Mill. According to Bill, it is a great retirement job. I want to retire now. I think they need me, anyway - there weren't nearly enough women in colonial garb spinning, weaving, and dying.

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