Introducing . . . Stella, the neighbor, admirer, lurker and now . . . guest blogger!

First, let me get the "obligatory knit comment" out of the way: I actually taught Lynne to knit (long, long ago). That same year, I knit a scarf. It was my first project in 10 years and my last to date.

So, Lynne is too embarrassed to mention this, but I am not. I have (literally) snatched her lap-top from her to let you know that not only is Lynne a knitter, blogger and mother, she is also a teacher. This July, you (or, better yet, some young charge of yours) can bask in her presence and learn from her majesty at the Greenhills School Summer Program. She will be teaching a course designed for middle and high school knitters called, "Knitting Adventurers."

I have adventurered with Lynne (as have you --at least through her prose), so we all know how skilled she is. Sign your kids up! Pass on the good news. You won't regret it!

Registration forms: http://www.greenhillsschool.org/summer/2005regform.pdf

Addendum from Lynne:

To set the record straight - "long, long ago" was about 18 months ago!

Everything else Stella says is true - I am majestic, adventurous, and skillful. And she did steal my laptop from me just now. We're at the cafe - she's supposed to be grading papers, and I'm supposed to be working. I got a row of my sock done while my laptop was hijacked so it's cool.

As long as your children are potty trained, I'd love to teach them to knit and use words like "niddy noddy" in complete sentences.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense.
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