Spinning out of control

I haven't blogged in awhile, because something had to give. Remember when I was worried that my new job would get in the way of knitting? Well, knitting hasn't suffered much, and I've even taken up a new fibery pursuit - spinning. So blogging (as well as housework, sleeping, and parenting) have suffered a bit.

Let me bring you up to date.

Here's Kate at playgroup Thursday, helping me skein my first spindleful.

Kate multitasking

Kate and I headed out to Chelsea Saturday morning for the monthly Spinner's Flock meeting. We made several new friends, including Rebecca, official wheel wrangler of the learner's circle. Here she is brandishing a niddy-noddy to keep us in order:

We met this fuzzy little guy in the parking lot:

Barbara, a very patient and skillful spinner, got me started, and within a couple hours I plied my first bobbin:

Bright, eh?

And yet another opportunity to work the word niddy-noddy into the narative - Lisa helped me create a skein, using the niddy-noddy, of course.

Here's the end result:

My first skein of yarn!

I rented the wheel and brought it home. Here I am at home the same night, spinning away:

Here's a closeup of my third bobbin ever:

And a closeup of my first true homespun skein of yarn (the turquoise skein wasn't spun at home, now, was it):

Shall I knit it or frame it?

Yes, it is rustic and scratchy, but it made it all by myself. What a thrill, to make yarn!
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