Knitting around town

I've been attending a monthly spinning group with Anne for a few months. Last night Fran helped me with the drop spindle I got at Spinner's Flock last year. I keep breaking the yarn and getting the spin up in the drafting zone, but I think I am starting to understand what is going on.

Sunday I met a new friend Leah at Sweetwaters and taught her how to knit. She's already knitting like a rock star. Seriously, it was amazing how quickly she caught on. She completed an entire pencil cozy during our session.

Tonight I am heading back to Sweetwaters for a meeting of the fledgling Ann Arbor Knit In group. If you are reading me from AA, please come join us.

I'd post some pics, but I'm heading out for a job interview in an hour, and I still have to iron my blouse and park the toddler somewhere. Don't wish me luck, because if I get the job, when will I ever knit?
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