Espresso Explosion

Minimal knitting content today. I've been knitting and ripping out the same sock over and over (first toe up, then top down), and it is making me grumpy. Aside from a perfectly lovely evening at Ann Arbor Knit In Tuesday night, my attitude toward knitting has been pretty negative of late. Usually knitting makes me happy, but right now I have my knickers in a twist over socks. Ugh.

But I do have other talents. My career as a barista got off to an auspicious start this morning:

Espresso Explosion!

After a false start, I did manage to espress something that looked like coffee:

My Cups Runneth Over

No one warned me it wouldn't turn off automatically.

I also have a talent for making food out of garbage:

Stock Garbage - yum!

And to think that most people just throw that stuff away. I prefer to turn it into this:

Two gallons of glistening, greasy chicken stock

My secret pal knew better than to send me anything knitting related this week. Instead, she sent me this - my favorite flower:

Clematis Piilu

Actually she sent me a bare root clematis, but those aren't very photogenic, and this is what it will look like in a couple months.

I'm determined to have some sock to show you next time, along with a report of my adventures at Threadbear and at the Yarn Harlot event in Kalamazoo.
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