When will I knit again?

Update on the interview - I was offered and accepted the job today and start Monday at 8 AM. It's only half-time consulting, doing software QA for a local company, but I am already worried about when I will ever find the time to knit again.

Someone must stop me. I collect jobs like some people collect eyewash cups. I accepted another job (well, a course assignment for the fall at WCC) just hours after accepting the consulting gig. Early American Lit, for the curious. And I accepted another job last week, at a local yarn store. (Yes, I've switched allegiances.) At least maybe they will let me knit at work on occasion (5/2: clarification - I mean vs. the QA and teaching jobs, where knitting is discouraged).

Is this an illness?

I wanted to blog more about spinning, and show you my lovely fleece and spindle, but I can't find my digital camera. Crap! Oh well, I have to go, anyway. I've got several resumes to get in the mail before my date with yarn at 7 PM tonight. If you live in Ann Arbor, please join us!
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