Tuesday is Llama day

Hello from sunny Lawrence Kansas, home of the Yarn Barn. I'll get back to that momentarily.

I am here visiting me mum & dad, with the adorable wee ones. The surly large one remains in Michigan.

Since I have absolutely no responsibilities here, I have found some time to knit. Today is the official start of the Llama Along. I completed earflap #1, shown below. What is that little symbol supposed to be? Hopefully not a llama.

It isn't too late to join - to hop on over to the Llama group, just click the llama button.

Earflap with mysterious Peruvian symbol

I have also made some progress on my Clapotis. Here, for all to see, is the dramatic First Dropped Stitch:

Clapotlette, in sad colors

I've enjoyed knitting with Silk Garden, but am not sold on the colorway. Isn't it a bit somber? It was all we had in the shop, though, and I had to start knitting. Plus, it ain't for me, but for the rich ladies at the auction. Mine is gonna be happy, maybe even pink. I enjoy being a girl (bursts into song).

This is where I put in another plug for the talented Denise needles - as this thing grows, I just add longer cables to my tips. I can't imagine knitting this all scrunched up on straights. I find myself spreading it out and gazing at it every 5 minutes or so.

Did I mention the Yarn Barn? I got a chance to visit, without small children, yesterday. It was inspiring to wander around among the wheels, looms, rovings, cone yarn, and dyestuffs. I want to come back and take an all-day spinning class. As far as knitting yarn goes, the store is well stocked, but, there wasn't anything I had to have. They don't carry some of the luxury lines (Manos, Noro, Lorna's) that seem mandatory. Plus I am on a yarn diet, remember?

Thanks for all your comments. I heart comments.
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