Mr. Breakfast Face!

It dawns on me that I haven't posted any pics of my kids yet. Here they are for your viewing pleasure, at breakfast this morning:

Brian with Mr. Breakfast Face
Brian digs Mr. Breakfast Face.

Evan with Mr. Breakfast Face
Evan isn't quite sure.

I would post a photo of The Teenager, but Mr. Breakfast Face is somehow not as alluring to him as his smelly teenaged bed.

So... no one has entered the Name that Yarn! contest. I am hurt. Is it too hard? Is it not worth it if you don't know what the prize is? Is the concept fundamentally flawed? Or just plain dumb?

Ok Ok - the prize is whatever ball of yarn you want from that pile. Is that good enough? Do I need to post more pics to make it easier?
Contest - Name that Yarn!
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Look what Dave made me!
South American yarn smuggling cartel
Baby, it's cold outside!
My knitting friends
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