A little bundle of yarny goodness

My llama fiber arrived from Lehman Llamas over the weekend. It is a little bundle of yarny goodness. If I can get ahead on the #$!&@ auction knitting, I will start on my llama hat soon. Behold:

Future Llama Hat

There are now three of us in the llama-along (say it three times fast). We won't be officially starting until mid-February, so please come join us!

I am a bit less enthused about my mitered bag. The photo below cleverly hides the fact that the wrong side of the bottom will be facing out when the bag is complete. I believe I followed the instructions for picking up the stitches for the sides correctly, and after the bag is felted it probably won't even matter, but I am still annoyed. Not annoyed (or mature) enough to undo my work and do it the right way, but nevertheless, annoyed.

Would you buy this?

I am also not thrilled about the colors. The grayish square just doesn't seem to fit. The skein that square came from also has blues and teals, which I thought might blend well with the other skeins and tone it down a bit, but the teal didn't repeat in this square.

So the question of the day is this: If you had enough dough to attend a $125/plate charity auction, AND you'd been drinking all night, would you bid on this bag? I wouldn't, but I won't be there anyway. Plus I hate teal. Don't even ask.

Maybe Clapotis will turn out better. My friend Anne showed me hers last night - just lovely. If she'll let me I will post a pic.

Back to the subject of wonderfulness via the US mail - I succombed to a direct-mail campaign for a crafter's book club. Here is my first shipment:

My Nascent Knitting Library

I figure I'll never have to buy another pattern again as long as I live. A couple of books are still on their way - Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Crocheting School. When I get a chance I will post book reviews. In the meantime, I'd be interested in your thoughts on these books.

Oh, something else arrived in the mail - my knittable samples from the evil Elann. Cotton is the word of the day. I will resist, and Sharon will help me. We have formed a new 12-step program to facilitate our recovery: Yarn Hos Anonymous (YHA). We can lick this thing. More details coming soon.
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