Contest - Name that Yarn!

I have been diligently photodocumenting my stash, as part of the "organize stash" step of my 12-step program (actually only seven steps right now - I will get back to that).

Yarn from my stash. You know you want some. No Red Heart here, baby!
Name that Yarn!

As you can see, I have lots of odd balls. Which brings me to the contest. The first person to identify all the yarn in the photo will win, um, I'm not sure yet, but something good and knitterly! I am open to suggestions.

I am not detail-oriented enough to actually make up rules. Just leave your guesses in the comments (and yes, I know that that tips off the next guesser - that's your problem). First person to guess ALL the yarn (manufacturer and brand) is the winner. Sudden death.

If no one has guessed all the yarn by February 20, the person who has identified the most balls by that date is the winner.

For the "planning projects" step of my new program, here are my 10 stash projects. I have to knit all these before I can buy more yarn.

1. Mitered bag, Noro Kureyon, for auction (95% complete, plus felting). I'll post a new photo when this is complete.
2. Clapotis, Lavold Silky Wool, for auction.
3. Babies and Bears sweater, 1824 Cotton, for a pregnant friend. If you know me and you are pregnant, don't follow the link! (40% complete).
4. Llama hat for Brian - Llama from Lehman's
5. Slippers for Dave - Galway.
6. Socks for Brian - Sock it To Me.
7. Hat for neighbor baby out of something.
8. Sweater for Geoffrey from Elann Highland Wool Bulky
9. Huge felted bag for me from Galway
10. Purple 1 skein Museum mittens (yes, that was a hint!)

The following felting projects don't count toward the 10 since they were already knitted before I got religion:

- felt SIL Mary's black bag
- further felt DH Dave's alpaca headband
- felt my two hats that are too big

If I get desperate, and decide to follow the letter, but not the spirit, of the law, may substitute any of the following projects:

- Galway slippers for me
- Koigu KPPPM earrings - an experiment (also a hint)
- Fuzzy feet for SIL Mary in black
- Fuzzy feet for SIL Nancy in raspberry
- socks for Evan
- more baby hats
- dishcloths all around from zillions of skeins of Sugar 'n Cream

Other yarn that needs to be dealt with, one way or another:

- messed up purple Lopi sweater
- wierd cotton/wool stuff from ebay - trade or donate
- kid classic - 1 skein - bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - trade with Jennie?
- orange Yorkshire tweed - enough for a Lavold Viking Knits sweater
- navy Donegal tweed - enough for a sweater
- taupe wool/viscose blend - enough for a sweater
- blue Peruvian Collection Highland Wool for hoodie for me
- Knitpicks Dye it Yourself merino - enough for socks
- Knitpicks undyed Wool of the Andes - enough for Rogue?
- Tahki Cotton Classic - enough for several baby sweaters or some shells
- yellow Wool-ease - donate, or charity knitting
- miscellaneous sock yarn
- odd skeins of Koigu KPPPM (fish? socks? wristies?)
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