Down with S.E.X.!

Welcome to the YHA (Yarn Ho Anonymous) recovery group. My name is Lynne. I am a Yarn Ho.

(Steps in red text added 2/26/2005.)
  1. We recognize that our repeated indulgence in S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement Expeditions) has gotten out of control, wreaking havoc with our financial future and personal relationships.
  2. We acknowledge that there are spaces in our homes that are sacred and should not be used to hide yarn from our loved ones. Namely, the space above the ceiling panels in the basement and the utility drawer under the oven.
  3. We turn our compulsion to acquire more yarn over to a Higher Power.
  4. We vow to make a searching inventory of our existing yarn stash and determine we can knit for a year or more without even setting foot in the LYS or logging into elann.com.
  5. We vow to organize our stash and identify at least ten (10) projects we must knit before we can spend another dollar on yarn.
  6. We will join in support with others in recovery, and call on them for help and encouragement whenever we feel weak.
  7. We will repeat to ourselves every day "I do not knit anywhere near as fast as I can buy yarn. Even if I have a Bond."
  8. We will actively knit for charity, and donate yarn that we do not plan to use to charity knitting groups (Stacy).
  9. We must complete works in progress before starting new projects (Eboni).
  10. We should make all yarn purchases with cold, hard cash, so as not to drive our families further into debt because of our addiction.

OK, that is only 10 steps. I need 2 more. Any suggestions?

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