Homage to the square

A woman from a charity auction I (over) committed to, and quickly forgot about, called yesterday, to get details on (read - remind me about) my donation. "Ummmm, let's see... A felted bag and a, shall we call it a wrap? In a month? No problem." Click. Panic sets in!

Of course, nothing in my stash inspired me, so a trip to the yarn store was in order. (When isn't a trip to the yarn store in order?) Here are my new treasures:

Noro Kureyon, #150, 147, 40

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, #22

I've been wanting to do mitered squares, so I started knitting this last night with the Noro. Here is my first square:

My first mitered square - glad I didn't pay for a class!

Noro seems to be controversial, but I love knitting with it. In my obsessive and sleep deprived first month of knitting (it was a bit like a torrid affair, really) I made four versions of the ubiquitous booga j bag, two with Noro. I get a little headrush when the color starts changing.

Don't be intimidated by mitered squares - if you can do a decrease you can do a square. You don't even have to count. Do they really offer classes in this? Geez.

For the lovely Silky Wool, I am thinking Clapotis.

I continue to make hats, and because I am a bit, can I say, attention deprived, I don't usually use a pattern. I made the one below over the weekend, for the next-door-neighbor baby, who is supposed to arrive on the scene any day now. Since the baby has gone full-term already, I don't think this will fit. But it sure looks cute on Tommy.

Maybe a bit small for a newborn, eh?

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