Contest update

Lisa has thrown her hat in the ring, and is the current leader in the Name that Yarn! contest.

Here are some hints for Lisa and others who might want to come out and play:
  • Cascade 220 - yes - how many?
  • Koigu KPPPPPPPPM - yes, but how many?
  • There's no Lion Brand in the photo. But LOTS in my stash, future dishcloths yearning to breathe free. After today, though, thanks to Janice, there will be 19 fewer balls, and more dishcloths in the world.
  • No Rowan Kidsilk Haze (bummer!) but there is something with a similar name!
  • Any self-respecting Elannite should be able to recognize at least 7 balls.

I could be persuaded to post better photos if that would help.

The yarn diet is going well, I think. Technically I am not buying yarn, but I did buy three thrift store sweaters to frog for yarn. How desperate is that? After about an hour with a seam ripper and a glass of port (dangerous combination), I gave up in favor of felting the damn things. One looked good on Anne so it is now hers.

Speaking of Anne, we went to the Super Bowl sale at the Stitch in Time in Howell yesterday. Everything was 20% off and I was very well-behaved. I did buy the Fibertrends clog pattern and the Lavold Viking Knits booklet - but these purchases are intended to help me use up my stash, and I have been trying to get my hands on them for awhile. So that is OK, right?

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