It's a Llama-Along!

We were pounded with snow - again - over the weekend. Time to stay inside and knit. And cook. And eat. And dream up a knitalong I hope a few of you will be interested in - The Llama-Along! At the very least, it is fun to say.

I've been wanting to make one of those Peruvian-style earflap hats for awhile, for my son Brian. I chose this free online pattern because it will give me more experience working from a chart and doing colorwork. The chart looks simple, so I think this would be a great project for someone new to working with color. It would be fun if you would knit it with me.

I can hardly wait to get started, but I think I will order a kit from Mount Lehman Llamas , both to thank them for their pattern, and so that I can get natural undyed llama fiber. The kit is incredibly inexpensive and the price includes shipping. I think this pattern would also be great in commercial yarns like Lamb's Pride or Montera.

If you are interested, head to the Llama-Along group page to sign up. Since I have never hosted a knitalong before, I'd love to read your comments on this.

The tentative start-date is February 15, but we could start sooner if we get a good group together and everyone has their yarn.

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