My knitting friends

Kate knitting a sweater for her sister.

My boys are in a playgroup with three other kids. Both of the other moms knit, so when we are not breaking up fights over toys that is what we do. Yesterday was a good knitting day at playgroup.

Deb is feeling shy...

I got a chance to knit during playgroup, too. Here I am modelling my WIP, a sample for the shop. Note the Denise needles!

I am having a bad hair day.

Yesterday was a snow day, so in the morning I had a rare chance to play with my friend Stella, who normally spends her day teaching high school English. She is also a knitter, but we didn't knit yesterday. She did, however, wear the scrunchy I made her last year.

Stella modelling her scrunchy. My design, Crystal Palace Mikado.
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