South American yarn smuggling cartel

My friend Sharon from the yarn store wants to start a South American yarn smuggling cartel. It looks like knitpicks beat her to it.

This stuff looks wonderful and cheap. I got some of their undyed Wool of the Andes and fingering weight merino awhile back, but haven't seen the dyed yarns or the luxury fibers yet. Sharon ordered a skein of each - market research, you know. She says I can fondle it when it arrives.

Yarnharlot is working on her fuzzyfeet, because it is even colder in Canada than it is here in Michigan. This reminds me that I have to mend my fuzzyfeet. Again. This is what happens when you wear these things around the house as slippers. And no, my floors are not made of sandpaper.

Why my feet are still cold...

I have made so many pairs of these, it is time for me to branch out. I just got a big box of Galway from Little Barn. I think I am going to make the Fibertrends clogs out of some of this. The rest will be an even more enormous felted knitting bag.

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