I'm not in Kansas anymore

Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle. Well, actually Michigan but that's how it seemed when I got off the plane tonight. I had stashed the coats in the checked luggage since it was positively balmy in Kansas. Good thing my luggage arrived, because we needed those coats to get out to the car.

There's a lot I wanted to blog about in Kansas, but I didn't get many chances. I'll get caught up tomorrow, but tonight I just want to veg with Dave. Oh, and maybe knit a few rows....

Here's an outline of tomorrow's post, to pique your interest (OK, really to remind me what to blog about):

- The Yarn Shop in Overland Park - mmmm, coloriffic! But I was strong.
- Movies - A Verrrrrry Long Engagement, et. al.
- Argh! I fell off the wagon. At Hobby Lobby. Oh, the humiliation.
- An inexplicable urge to crochet. It didn't last long.
- Sneaking out for latte.
- Doorknobs specifically designed for ease of use by two year olds.
- Self-medicating with chocolate.
- Salvation Army - Felt Central.
- Clapotis update.
- Llama update.
- There's no place like home!
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