Dumb idea department

Clearly the Name that Yarn! contest was a bust. Lisa was the only person who stepped forward to make a guess. She did correctly identify Cascade 220 and Koigu KPPPM, so she wins the skein of her choice. Whaddaya want, Lisa?

Whether it was a fundamentally flawed concept, or just a crappy photo, one thing is for certain - I am still on my YHA 12 step program, despite a minor Hobby Lobby setback in Kansas. And many of you should be, too. My original 7 steps have been augmented with suggestions from Stacy (AKA Back-Assward Knitter, but we love her anyway!), Eboni (creator of the Clapotis Thong), and the wise Bev, for a grand total of 10 steps. You know you want to be the author of step #12...

So I feel pure because I came clean about that single skein of Wool-Ease. I have also confessed to purchasing yarn in sweater form - certainly not in the spirit of the law. But there are still some issues to straighten out. For example, what about patterns, books, and needles, especially those needed to use up stash? What about Katcha-Katchas? And (mind you, this is a purely theoretical question) what about buying a Katcha-Katcha, deciding you don't need it, and exchanging it for a single ball of yarn? Say, Suede, in a lovely fushia, for example? Does that count? Not that I would ever do anything like that...
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