The letter of the law

Because I can no longer buy yarn, I have stooped to a new low - buying sweaters to harvest the yarn. But that was too much work. So now I am buying them for felting projects.

The six sweaters below, all purchased at the Lawrence, Kansas Salvation Army last week (total bill less than $10) will be participating in upcoming felting experiments. The stripy ones want to be pillows. The bulky ones aspire to tote bag fabulousness.

Future felt pillows of America

Destined for tote bag greatness

OK, so once while I was in Lawrence, I did fall off the wagon. An inexplicable, uncontrollable urge to crochet came over me. I say inexplicable, because I haven't crocheted in 20 years and don't even like crochet that much. I say uncontrollable, because I tried everything - gazing at the four knitting projects I had brought along, sleeping, self-medicating with chocolate - and nothing worked.

It was just a minor indiscretion, but there is still shame. Not so much because I was weak and bought a single skein of inexpensive yarn when I had vowed not to. But Why Hobby Lobby? Why hot pink Wool-Ease? Geez, I could have bought something scrumptious from the breathtaking Yarn Shop and More in Overland Park. The inventory there is organized by color, and it was a wonder to behold. They had Lion and Lamb, in every imaginable color. They had skeins of Silk Garden in happy colorways. But I was strong.

I don't have anything against Wool-Ease, or acrylic, for that matter. They have their uses. But it isn't normally what I crave. To buy Wool-Ease, at Hobby Lobby, NOT on sale, in a moment of weakness? I work in a yarn store, for heaven's sake. I had yarn (four projects worth) with me on the trip.

I did manage to crochet something (a single fingerless mitten) but it looked like crap since I didn't have a pattern or even know what I was doing. I am too ashamed of myself to post a picture.

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