Happy New Year

Last year my New Year's resolution - the first I've ever kept - was to learn how to knit. I've been knitting steadily since March, and now even have a part-time job at a yarn store to feed my habit.

I completed at least 53 projects in 2004. Nothing bigger than a child's sweater, but still. Here's a quick tally:

- 12 scarves
- 7 pair felted adult slippers
- 7 hats
- 6 felted bags
- 5 dishcloths
- 3 baby sweaters
- 3 pair felted baby slippers
- 3 scrunchies
- 2 ribbon bags
- 1 child sweater
- 1 pair socks
- 1 nosewarmer
- 1 wine bottle cozy
- 1 headband

I keep promising to create a gallery so that I can share with the blogosphere my evolution as a fiber artist.

Seriously, it feels good to have actually kept a resolution for once. I want to do it again this year. Instead of vowing to start a fitness program, stop swearing, learn Farsi, become vegan, or any other resolution doomed to failure, I am going to once again set goals I know I can reach. Here they are:

- eat more chocolate
- continue knitting

Perhaps I should set more specific goals. How about this:

- Become skilled at socks, especially of the toe-up/short-row toe and heel variety. At a minimum, make socks for me, Dave, Brian, and Evan.
- Complete at least two adult-sized sweaters, one for me and one for Geoffrey.
- Make myself an even bigger knitting bag!
- Use stash yarn for the above projects.
- Organize stash.
- Limit myself to one visit to elann.com (the "crack house for knitters") daily. I've already broken this one.

What are your resolutions, knitterly or non?

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