Happy Boxing Day

We're having a peaceful day-after-Christmas morning, reading the paper and drinking coffee while Brian and Evan play with their new castle.

We had a bittersweet Christmas yesterday at Dave's mom's - the cousins enjoyed wrestling with each other and unwrapping presents, but the absence of Dave's dad Bern left an empty spot in the otherwise joyous festivities. Brian summed up everyone's feelings with childlike eloquence: "I want Grandpa Rago to be here."

Knitted gifts went over well - Lori (SIL) and Wynn (MIL) were tickled by their red fuzzyfeet. I took orders for black fuzzyfeet (Mary) and fuschia (Nancy). Since Michael is only 20 months old he was neutral about the striped hat, but I think his parents approved. Mom and Dad haven't received their blue fuzzyfeet yet.

Michael's stripy hat. My design, Filatura Di Crosa Primo.

Christmas eve we went over to Joe & Linda's. Angela thought her mohair scarf looked like a spiderweb, which I took as praise. Drea put on her striped nosewarmer and Joe seemed mildly amused by his wine cozy - though at first he thought the gift was the wine inside. I had to explain that the bottle was nothing special, just a prop.

There was only one knitted gift that didn't get done in time - a black sparky felted purse for Mary. Mary's birthday is in February so I can gift it then. I was working on the strap on Christmas, and several people asked me what I was working on. Since Mary was there I was mysterious.

I received a knitterly gift from Wynn - a set of Denise needles. Though I love my addis I have heard great things about these, and it will be nice to not have to worry about whether or not I have the needles at home when I pick up yarn for a project. Yeah yeah yeah - I should carry around a needle inventory list and my problem will be solved. That would be too easy.

Brian has started dabbling in the fiber arts - Dave and I gave him a potholder loom from Harrisville Designs. He is nearly done with his first potholder, and getting the hang of it. I have high hopes that we will soon be spending long winter afternoons together knitting and weaving during Evan's naptime.
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