Let it Snow!

Ann Arbor was pounded with snow last night. I took the boys for a quick sled ride around the neighborhood this morning, and then knit all afternoon.

I blocked the mohair scarf this morning. Some of my Tuesday night knitting friends advised me to block it severely, which was good advice. It turned out great - lacy and airy.

Airy scarf for Angela.

After that I knit up Joe's wine bottle cozy. It is silly, but in an elegant way.

Joe's wine bottle cozy. My design, JoAnn Licorice, Berocco Opulent FX, Paton's Cha Cha.

Now it is late and I am finally working on my sister-in-law's bag, out of black Gjstal Naturgarn I got in the mail from Elann earlier this week. It is a modified Booga J Bag. I am going to knit a strap onto the bag, and trim the top with some bling-bling stuff left over from the wine bottle cozy.

Elann is evil, addictive, seductive. I spend entirely too much time there.

The Gjstal came in hanks. Normally I wind my yarn at the store where I work, but since I bought it from the evil internet I borrowed my friend Anne's winder and swift. Winding yarn is a great way to entertain 4-year-olds. Brian had a play-date with the love of his life, Alex, and they were transfixed by the winder. Dave was, too.
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